pop corn

We all love munching on crunchy popcorns, right? A visit to the cinemas is never complete without bagging a pack of popcorns. You might think that you know everything about popcorns as you had been munching on this snack right from childhood days. But, no! There are still many facts about this crunchy snack you need to know! You could even browse websites like popcornpopperhub and check their about.me page to find some of the best popcorn poppers for your home. You can easily make popcorns at home with these poppers. The www.ibisworld.com/industry-trends/specialized-market-research-reports/consumer-goods-services/food-production/popcorn-production.html describes in detail about how popcorn production has popped up in the US market recently. Here are some other significant facts you never knew about popcorns:

It Is A Healthy Snack!
Ever thought a super yummy, crunchy snack could be healthy too? Yes! Popcorns are a nutritious choice and can be munched on without any guilt. It is low in calories and contains just thirty-one calories in a whole cup! Whereas, a cup of potato chips you buy from the stores comes around one hundred and thirty-nine calories! It is better to munch on natural popcorns you make at home than the buttered popcorns you buy at movie halls.

No Allergies!
Many food items taste good yet cause allergies to some people. But popcorns don’t fall in that category. These are not only yummy but also allergen free! It is free of all the major allergens like soy, egg, gluten, nuts, and dairy. You just have to make sure you pop the popcorns in an air-popper or stove-pop it with a dash of salt.

It Is A Whole Grain!
Popcorn is cent percent whole grain. It is filled with antioxidants and is rich in fiber content. Recent researches have proved that popcorns contain antioxidants much more than a full day intake of vegetables and fruits.

Old Maid
The un-popped kernels of popcorn that remain at the bottom of your popcorn bowl are called the old maid. If you use a good quality popper, you will have only just two percent old maid in a cup of popcorn.

The Role Of Water!
Did you know that every tiny kernel contains water in a small quantity? When you heat the kernels above about 347 degrees, the water inside the kernel turns to steam and pops the kernel. This is how popcorns are formed.

These are some of the interesting facts about popcorn you never knew. It is estimated that there are about one thousand and six hundred kernels in one cup of popcorn. Each kernel can pop up as high as three feet! Americans are believed to consume about thirty-eight quarts popcorn. Now that you have known all that you need to know about popcorn, isn’t it time you grab a pack of popcorns and munch it? Grab a bite and enjoy it guilt free as it is one of the healthiest snacks you can ever have! It is the best combination of a healthy and delicious snack in a single pack!