Learn The Signs That Indicate You Need Top Heat Protectants For Hair

Our tresses are our greatest asset. Their style defines our style. On average, a person, regardless of their gender, can be expected to spend a considerable amount of time styling out their hair to match their moods, outfits or the event they wish to attend. Such styling techniques could warrant the use of several products, like hair sprays, curling irons, hair straighteners, and so on. The use of some of these products, though great for accentuating one’s looks, might actually have a detrimental effect on the scalp, as well as on the hair strands.

Many people have now opted to remedy this by using Top heat protectant for hair that combat the harmful effects of hair styling methods that use intense heat. According to www.stylecraze.com, the use of hair straightening and curling machines could leave the scalp dehydrated and the hair strands vulnerable to breakage, resulting in problems like split-ends, etc.

What are the signs of heat damage for hair?
Regular application of heat to the hair is definitely not recommended. However, at times people choose to forego this advice, as they may have several social engagements lined up that requires them to look their best. This necessitates the overuse of heat-based curling irons and hair straighteners.
Given below are some of the tell-tale signs that show that the damage has already occurred:

1. Extreme Breakage
Often the most common symptom of hair damage, hair loss is an obvious sign that there is something awfully wrong with your hair. Check your comb. A sure sign of hair damage is when the comb shows more hair than usual trapped within its teeth. Damaged hair tends to be brittle, and breaks away quite easily.

2. Increase In Split Ends
Trichoptilosis, commonly called Split ends are caused when the tip of the hair strands split up. Split ends are caused when hair has been subjected to intense levels of heat for an extended period of time, leaving them dehydrated. This condition is irreversible, and the only way to rectify it is to snip off the ends of the hair.

3. Hard To Manage Hair
Are you starting to notice an increase in frizziness? Does your hair refuse to stay styled, leaving you with unmanageable flyaways? If so, you may have heat-damaged hair, requiring the use of intensive remedial hair products.

4. Permanently Styled
Most of us get our hair straightened or curled for an upcoming event, and prefer our natural hairstyles once that is over. Heat damaged hair tends to stay styled, even after being washed.

5. Higher Porosity Of Hair
As all parts of your body, your hair too tends to absorb moisture. This ability is called Porosity. The porosity of hair can be easily tested by placing a few strands of damp hair into a glass of water. High porosity can be discerned if the strands sinks immediately to the bottom of the glass. High porosity indicates that the cuticles of the hair have been damaged.

If you notice any of the above signs, it is time to undertake some serious hair treatments to restore the natural health of your tresses!

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