Sifting through the different models of electric skateboards can be an intimidating job if you are not well equipped with information regarding skateboards. There is belt driven with lithium batteries and motorized longboard comparison online to help in better understanding of the anatomy. While the dashboard at continues to be flooded with articles on the best gear for your use, take a look at the following pointers to help you narrow your options.

Check your level of expertise
Before you book the electric skateboard, ask yourself if you intend to buy the tool to make a quick trip to the store, or you intend to use it for pastime. If you are new to this, write down your estimate, and buy a single wheel basic model. They are easy to use and best for beginners.

If you are a pro in skateboarding, take a look at some of the high-end performance models. They can include the two-wheel model or any of the off-road type.

Purpose of use
When you decide on the type of skateboard, you should ask yourself where you plan to use these tools. Do you plan to ride them on the road or descend the hills? If you said the latter, you have to buy a performance-oriented model. If the road around you is fairly smooth, you can do with a standard skateboard with a good baseline.

If you plan to ride in muddy fields or rugged areas, you have to see if the model has a pneumatic tire. They offer great traction and can come in the form of a two-wheel type or one with a single tire.

“Ground” reality
If you have narrowed down your options by now, you deserve a pat on the back. To make things clear, ask yourself the exact use of the skateboard. If you said commuting to work, the model should have enough range to drive you to the office and back home.

Next, bear in mind the weather conditions. If your area sees plenty of rainfall or snow during the year, you must select a water, resistant board. If you travel frequently, it is a good idea to ask if the local airport laws permit electronic boards inside the flight. Few models have batteries fitted in them and can be difficult to carry along.

Types Of Skateboards
Once you come up with the purpose of use, the budget and other factors, you should know about the different types of skateboards that are available.

Basic model
If you have budget constraints, the standard single is a good option. These provide less speed, and it can be difficult to travel across rugged hills. When you apply the brakes, the single wheel can cause you to slide a bit.

Dual-wheel type
Owing to a pair of the engine at the rear side, you get better support and stability while driving. The wheels are attached to the motor and give the flexibility to control the speed.

Hub motor
Motors are built deftly inside the wheel, thus giving them this name. They offer you a compact design. Replacing a wheel can be expensive, and you might want to go for the standard model.

Off-road with pneumatic tire
For a rough ride on the dirt road or the pavement near your home is not smooth, you can buy the off-road type. There is sufficient power to drive the skateboard and you can get excellent terrain features.

A single wheel in the centre makes use of sensors to give you the perfect balance on the road. The extent to which you lean on the board determines the speed and braking system. To navigate through bends or turn at corners, use your heels to roll the axis on the skateboard.